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Remember your life

Journaling has daunted many of us. While we've wanted to keep a journal, sitting down and writing is time consuming and can end up putting us off the task. We make it easy for you.
  • You will rember your life
  • You will get satisfaction of knowing you will know what you did a specific day, years form now
  • You can settle disputes about when/where things happened
  • You can feel relaxed about getting your journaling done

Inspiration for your story journaling

The concepts are influenced by a TEDx talk by Matthew Dicks which encourages taking very small short sentences about what happened to you during a specific day. This helps him find material for good story telling. If you found that writing a diary has always been a blocker, then just jotting down reminders of the day is a much easier way to organize your memory about what you did and a lot less time consuming.

This is for storytelling your own life, to your self. Simple, small sentences that help you jog your member of your life.